7 Tips on making a Show Interview easy and valuable for you and your Guest — Step In Front of the Camera Series

Jane Gardner
2 min readAug 27, 2022

Tips on Doing a Show Live

You are live and on camera.

You have a Guest.

Tips to make your Show Interview easy to do and you and your Guest Shine!

1. Design a questionnaire that asks for vital information and also the main topic and 3 potential subtopics for the interview.

2. On the questionnaire, I like to ask for what they want to give as a gift (whether an e-book, checklist or free consultation) to the audience.

3. Use Notepad or other text software open with short bio on Desktop and read looking into the camera

4. Or you can use free teleprompter with bio in it on Desktop to introduce your Guest while looking into camera

5. Or you can use Teleprompter app on smartphone with bio in it to read while scrolling

6. Lead the Guest through the topics and subtopics he/she wanted to talk about from their answers on the Google Form.

7. Prepare a slide with the Guest’s gift beforehand and load up to present during interview so Guest can talk about the giveaway.



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