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from the Step in Front of the Camera Series

On the Set with lights on and white backdrop
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Hello everyone today.

I’m going to be showing you some fun stuff about color and your webcam. Now, this is not me speaking. This is a recording I had to use outside of seeing me live. So ignore what they’re saying.

But this is behind the scenes in my Xsplit software.

(I’ll add some Timings from Video in case you want to go forward in the demo)

I’m going to be showing you how to change the color on your computer. Well actually no on your software.

So I’ve got two scenes here and each scene has a Logitech Brio in each scene so I can change one scenes color from another. So I’ve opened up the webcam here for that and it has different choices.

Chroma Key (0:58)

And so the first thing we’re gonna look at is chroma key.

I’ve just turned off the green screen and matched it to the green color just in that scene so it’s black. And then you can put a scene behind that. But chroma key works really well in this software xsplit because as you can see my curtain is very wrinkled, but you can’t see any wrinkles in my other scene where I’ve hidden it as they say, so, and then they have the parts to adjust color.

Brightness (1:35)

So this is brightness and this is in each scene. So you can go up and down with the scene. It has certainly defaults of course. And so you just fiddle with it until you find something that you’re happy with in terms of the brightness.

Contrast (1:50)

And then we have contrast. So obviously that contrasts very high and then to very low, once you go down, there is the low contrast and you just find the one that you’re happy with for the scene.

Alpha (2:08)

And then we have alpha and alpha is just basically I’m getting the image in there, it seems to disappear. So we’ll have to talk about that later. That’s one…



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