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Jane Gardner
5 min readJun 7, 2022

The power of the Blue Yeti microphone for great sound!

It’s jane gardner again and it’s

Step in Front of the Camera again, Tips and Tricks

So today we’re gonna talk about the blue yeti microphone.

I’m going to be using pictures because I don’t want to move my microphone, but I use the blue yeti. It is a stereo condenser microphone and so it is great it has a usb cable on it. So it also, so you can put it into the computer, so make sure you have a usb connection available. So let’s have a look at the front of it. I took a picture and let’s have a look where are we here?

Oh there we are.

So on the front, the front of the blue yeti , you have your volume for your microphone, sorry for your speaker. So your headphones, so you can connect your headphones into your microphone and always listen to what you’re saying in terms of what it’s producing for you.

You can also do the recording out through it to listen through the headphones and of course the button, the mute button flashes when you’re muting and it’s a steady red glow when you’re recording and it’s on.

So that’s always good to check because I’ve many times had it off when I should have it on.

But basically, the blue yeti has been really good for me. I haven’t really had to do any volume changes in terms of once I do a recording, but let’s look at the back of the blue yeti. So we’ve got a nice label here and we’re going to talk in depth I guess a little about what everything is now. Gain is basically what you need controls the amount of audio that you want to capture or the level audio that you want to capture on your blue yeti.



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