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Jane Gardner
5 min readApr 3, 2022
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Another frequently used format is an Interview TV Show — just look at all of them on regular TV! All you need is a guest and the interviewer willing to answer and ask questions but there are pros and cons to the Interview TV Show format especially if you do it as a weekly TV Show.

Hello, this is Jane Gardner, and today on easy TV show Blueprint, we’re going to be talking about another in the series of ideas for a TV show format, because before you start, you need to know the goal is for having a TV show. So what’s the goal you’re having for having a show, whether it’s a TV show or it’s a show on Facebook or LinkedIn, you want to have a professionally formatted show to show that you’re professional?

Maybe that’s the first goal. The second goal is based on what is your goal for your business, for having the show basically for everyone. It’s visibility. For the second one, it would be. Well, we’ll see. This is the format we’re going to talk about today that most people are doing right now in terms of growing their business. And it is, of course, making connections with other people. And if that’s your goal for a TV show, then you need to do this one.

So obviously there are different TV show formats and we’ve gone through a few of them. And today we’re going to look at interviews, show quite popular on the Internet now and social media to interview other people on a show you can. Who does want to do this while anyone can interview anybody? It just depends on the topic and depends on the interviewee. Obviously, if you like fish, you can interview fish, but you can certainly interview the specialist for fish and talk to them about fish.

But sorry, I’m feeling a bit wacky today if you’re wacky and you want to interview people who are wacky now, I’m just kidding. So anyway, this is quite a popular show format and I certainly recommend it because of various things we’ll go through in a minute. But anyone can do it. It’s just a matter of basically having the organization to do it so anyone can interview another person on an…

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